Let’s first answer the question; “What are GeniusWords?”
GeniusWords are a new concept, and are used within MeetingGenius to speed up note-taking within a meeting. Because the act of taking notes can interrupt the flow of conversation and concentration on a given topic, we have created GeniusWords to allow a user to enter a few keystrokes, and GeniusWords will expand the keystrokes into a sentence or paragraph. GeniusWords are used within the Section, Topic and most description fields within MeetingGenius.
GeniusWords are one of the key innovations that allows a MeetingGenius user to significantly improve productivity by allowing the quick entry of information, and eliminating the post-meeting re-typing/re-entry of data.
For example, where a motion must be proposed, seconded and recorded as carried (approved), the GeniusWord “^MSC, Jim, Jane” expands to “A motion was move by Jim Peters, seconded by Jane Doe, and Carried“.
There is a global library of the more common GeniusWords (which is constantly being updated), and a personal GeniusWords library managed by each user.
The GeniusWords libraries are also used by the MeetingGenius artificial intelligence engine to determine patterns.
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